After yoga teacher training, The Next Right Step is an online course to help you create a vision for your yoga career. Open a studio. Teach other yoga teachers. Or help a niche group unique to who you are.
Nigel Walker


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Use your Yoga Teacher Training and create a vision for a career you'll love.

This 8-week course will help you if you're feeling unsure about what to do next on your yoga teaching journey.

Whether you're a newly certified or experienced teacher, this program will clarify your values and align them with your vision to become the yoga professional you know you can be.

Why take the course?

The Next Right Step™ | Share your gift with others. There's more to yoga than the poses and breathing. Discover all the places your yoga training can take you. Learn how to transition from your current job to a career you love. Help other people.
Share your gift

There's more to teaching yoga than just the poses. Discover all the possibilities your yoga training gives you.

The Next Right Step™ | Get noticed. Position yourself as the teacher who knows who they are and the classes they excel at teaching. Use your natural strengths. Your path to a fulfilling yoga career is easier it's inline with your values.
Get noticed

Position yourself as the teacher who knows who they are and the classes they excel at teaching. Stick to your natural strengths.

The Next Right Step™ | Uncover your passion. Trial and error could help you find your passion in yoga. Or, you could save time and explore some questions with me. Don't waste time teaching the same classes other people do.
Uncover your passion

Trial and error or expensive trainings could help you find your passion or niche. Or, you could work with someone with fifteen years of experience helping other teachers.

Your journey
The first four weeks look like

Week 1: Dream Big
Visualize all the details of your vision.

Week 2: What Matters Most
Find your anchoring mantra.

Week 3: Your Big Why
Create your personal mission.

Week 4: Find Your People
Decide who's your ideal client.

Your journey to The Next Right Step™ | The first four modules look like: Dream Big, What Matters Most, Your Big Why, and Find Your People. A step-by-step guide to clarify who you want to teach and why. Doing this work now saves you time in the future.
The last four weeks of The Next Right Step™ are: Goal Setting, The Next Right Step, Your Biggest Fans, and Integration. Creating small goals helps you take action. Attract opportunities that alight with your vision. Use the plan you've created.
And the last four weeks finish with

Week 5: Goal Setting
Set goals in a way that empowers you.

Week 6: The Next Right Step
Make your goals small enough to take immediate action.

Week 7: Your Biggest Fans
Attract the type of opportunities that align with your vision.

Week 8: Integration
Let go of expectations and use the plan you’ve created.

The Next Right Step™ stops you from guessing about your path. We build a custom plan for where you want to go. Your life beyond the mat doesn't have to involve teaching at a studio. Bring your unique teaching style to the people who will appreciate it. No more guessing about your yoga career. The Next Right Step™ explores your passions and values to find right path for who you are. With a plan, you can move forward with support. Me and the community will be here to help along the way.

This isn't a
guessing game

With The Next Right Step, we build a custom plan for where you want to go. Your life beyond the mat doesn’t have to involve teaching at a studio.

As a new yoga instructor, The Next Right Step helped me visualize my goals and pace myself to make meaningful progress. This course allowed me to dig deep and reflect on my values and intentions for my yoga career and broader life.

Jess T.
The Next Right Step™ helps you to stop copying what other yogis are doing. Find what's right for you. I taught yoga for runners but, I don't run! When you know what energizes you, you'll have answers for your yoga career and next steps. Nigel Walker's online program, The Next Right Step™ takes you from the backseat and puts you in the driver's seat. Create a plan for what you want in your yoga career. Stop doubting yourself. Work with a group to explore ideas about your journey.

Stop copying what
other yoga teachers are doing

My first job was teaching yoga for runners, but I didn’t even like running! With this program, you’ll explore what it means to be an authentic teacher. This way, you find the people you’re really meant to serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

I finished my 200-hour Teacher Training, isn’t that all I need to be successful?
It depends how you define success. And people take the training for many reasons. 200-hour yoga training offers a solid foundation, but only scratches the surface when it comes to teaching different types of students. It doesn't give you the steps to take your training into the real world. Like developing your own programs, workshops, or bigger business ideas, like running a studio. I’ve taught for over a decade, led many trainings, and trained over 100 teachers and guided many of them to build businesses of their dreams. I’ve learned a thing or two and would love to see you avoid my mistakes.

I don’t really know what my specialty or niche is. Can I still get value from the program?
When you take the program you’ll figure out what makes you unique and who you’re meant to serve. Trust the process and you’ll realize how many opportunities are waiting for you.

I love yoga but I’m not sure I want to run a yoga business.
Whether you decide to run your own business or not, the best teachers have dialed into who they are and who they’re meant to serve, and allowed that to be a foundation for their teaching. This provides a more sustainable approach to teaching, whether you decide to work for someone else or create your own opportunities.