Nigel Walker | Online courses to create the life you want. Mindful meditation and journaling. Yoga philosophies. And what to do after finishing Yoga Teacher Training. Personal coaching for yoga instructors and studio owners. Nigel Walker | Yoga philosophies expert. Online coaching programs to create the life you want. Learn mindful meditation. Use journaling to discover new truths about yourself. Practice gratitude. Make a plan after 200-hr, and 300-hr Yoga Teacher Training.
Create the
life you want
My online programs combine yoga, mindfulness, real-world practices, and step-by-step guides to get your personal and professional life in harmony.
Feeling stuck is temporary

Yet most people think it's a permanent problem. Over the years I've learned:

✓ When you have a morning ritual
✓ When you learn to recognize what your emotions mean
✓ And when you have a plan

Being stuck fades away. You become clear about what you want.

Nigel Walker | Avoid burnout and learn to recognize which areas of your life need more attention. Create a morning ritual to practice mindful meditation and journaling. Unravel your thoughts. Create clarity. And stop feeling overwhelmed. 2021 is your year Nigel Walker | Use a proven framework to remove stress from your life. Find harmony in your professional and personal life. Practice meditation to improve your decision making. Clarify you values and what you want from your life.
Learn to recognize which areas of
your life need more attention.

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Don't change
Be more you

Practice listening to your inner voice through guided meditations. And rediscover simple truths about yourself as you journal each morning.

Integrate your work and personal life

Improving your personal life will help you shine brighter at work. Because everything we do starts inside with our beliefs and expectations.

Find your direction

When you have a plan that matches your values, you feel energized to take action! The challenge is being curious enough to find what you value most.

Tired of feeling
exhausted on a Monday?

I was too! That’s when I knew it was time to make some life changes. It's wrong that so many people dread the week ahead. Instead, you should look forward to it.

I’ve worked with people like you

Nigel’s program brought me on a journey of self-discovery. The sense of connection I got from the program got me dreaming about an idea I have had for years. Yoga Attic was born. It’s a space for real conversations and it makes me feel so alive. I am so incredibly thankful for having rediscovered myself and made a dream come to life.

Tina, Founder of Yoga Attic in Greely, ON.

One of my biggest aha moments was the realization that I don’t see myself working a typical 9-5 life. My dreams have grown since Week 1 and I don't feel overwhelmed by the thought of it. I'm really excited to move into this new phase of my life! Registered Psychotherapist

Crystal Tierney

Where do you want to get started?

Nigel Walker | Meaningful Mornings™ is a 21-day online course to help you remove stress from your life. Practice mindful meditation, gratitude and journaling. Work through thoughts circling in your mind. Learn to appreciate the small things in life.
Meaningful Mornings

A 21-day course where you learn how to combine meditation with journaling. Practice observing your thoughts and find a greater sense of purpose.

Start the day your way
Nigel Walker | The Possibility Program™ is an 8-week online course to help you create a plan for your life. I've taken yoga philosophies, my experience coaching and teaching yoga and created a program to help you find what you value most.
The Possibility Program

A 12-week program that gives you the tools to get unstuck and create the life you want. Build new habits that serve you in all areas of your life.

Discover your potential
One-on-One Coaching

Work with someone who understands your struggles. You'll get a personalized plan to unlock your potential and leave you feeling excited about each day.

Begin your journey

Stop stressing about 2021. Take action!

Here are some things to consider before working with me:

I’ve tried other courses with no results.
I get it. I’ve taken a lot of courses too! And what most of them had in common was this idea of changing who you are. As if who you are is a bad thing... continue reading

Time for a change

200hr Yoga Teacher Training

My program will show you timeless truths and deepen your practice with a unique approach you can't find anywhere else.

You’ll see how movement, meditation, breathwork, energetics, and ancient philosophy are relevant in today’s modern world.

Learn about the 200hr training →