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Meaningful Mornings

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A meditation and journaling course for people who need more clarity throughout their day. 

I designed this 21-day course to be a simple habit you can come back to any time you need it. Instead of mindless scrolling on your phone first thing in the morning, take 15 minutes to check in with yourself.

When you mentally prepare yourself for the day, you have more confidence and challenges become easier to solve.

Why take the course?

Nigel Walker | Meaningful Mornings™ makes you more productive. Practice mindful meditation. Recognize the patterns and thoughts that make you more productive. Write about what you value. Discover how to make effective decisions. Be proactive.
Be more productive

Mindful meditation helps you organize your thoughts and become less reactive. Making difficult decisions easier to solve.

Nigel Walker | Think clearly. Take the thoughts circling in your mind and put them on paper where you can review them without judgement. Learn the habits and thoughts that help you and hinder you. Journaling is proven to help with decision making.
Think clearly

Take the thoughts circling in your mind and put them on paper where you can review them without judgement.

Nigel Walker | More optimistic. Practicing gratitude helps you spot the small things that make you happy. Letting other frustrating details roll off your back. Practice gratitude to find the small, joyful things in life. Gratitude teaches optimism.
More optimistic

Focusing inward helps you spot the small things that make you happy. Letting other frustrating details roll off your back.

You'll learn
New, lifelong skills in four modules

Observe: Connecting to your senses.
Breath: Managing your energy.
Meaning: Recognizing your emotions.
Integration: Practicing in the real world.

Meaningful Mornings™ | Learn a lifelong skill to improve your happiness. Reduce stress in your life. Gain confidence and clarity. 15 minutes each day can change your life. Create a new morning habit. Meditation improves your brain's functioning.
Meaningful Mornings™ | Your day doesn't have to rush by. Your days should be filled with moments of growth, learning and laughter. A simple morning ritual can teach you all three. Mindful meditation helps you connect to what you really want.
meaningful moments
Your day doesn't have to rush by

Each day used to be a blur for me. But when I learned how to set an intention for what I wanted from the day, my days began to be filled with moments of growth, learning, and laughter.

You're on the right path

I felt I had no time to do anything like this, but 15 minutes is so easy to add to my morning, especially now. I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning, which isn't something I was able to say a couple of weeks ago.

Winnie Y.
Nigel Walker | This won't be easy. But it'll be worth it. Use the Meaningful Mornings™ program each morning to guide you to a life with less stress and more clarity. Most people get overwhelmed because they let others determine their actions and choices.

This won't
be easy

That’s why I’m guiding you through this transformation. Lean into that feeling of resistance. It’s a sign there’s change coming your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

My mornings are always so busy, I don’t think I would have time to do this course. Can I do the meditations in the evening?
I get it, mornings are hard! If you can’t find a way to take an extra 15 minutes for yourself each morning, then try to find a consistent time during the day or evening that you can stick to. The important thing is to be consistent!

I’ve tried meditating before and I don’t really like it. It’s like my mind is always going non-stop and I can’t relax.
This is totally normal! One misconception about meditation is that it’s about stopping your mind or eliminating your thoughts. The very opposite is true. The 21-day course is designed to ease into the different stages of meditation while covering all the basics. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned meditator you’ll find something that works for you!

I’ve heard so many people talk about the benefits of journaling but it honestly feels silly whenever I try to do it. What’s the point?
Journaling is a practice. Many of us stopped writing by hand a long time ago and the practice of putting pen to paper is scientifically proven to tap into a similar mental state to someone meditating. So while it might seem silly at first, by practicing it every day you’ll find your mind more relaxed and it will eventually become a habit you’ll really miss if you skip out on it.