Nigel Walker | Online courses. 15 years experience. You're in control of your life. You get to choose how you feel and what you have in it. Silence the noice. Get clarity. Remove stress. Practice gratitude and happiness. I'll be your virtual coach.

in control

Each online course helps you silence the outside world and listen to what you already know.

It's easy, with a plan.

Nigel Walker | Choose your online course. Get rid of stress. Gain confidence. Stop doubting yourself. Create the life you want. Recognize your emotions as signals. Avoid burnout by recognizing which ares of your life need attention. Let me show you how.
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Learn practical tips with daily and weekly lessons. Watch from your phone or desktop.

Nigel Walker | Learn the secrets of yoga and what I've learned over 15 years of teaching yoga. Find what you value most. Let fear melt away. Discover who you really are. Design the life you'd be thrilled to live in. You're in control of your happiness.
Learn the secrets

Discover frameworks you can use throughout your day–this is real life training!

Nigel Walker | Conquer 2021. Eliminate frustration and create a new story for yourself. Don't hold back. You choose how your year goes. Fill your life with what you want most. Don't waste time. The world needs your light to shine bright. Let me show you..
Conquer 2021

Eliminate frustration and create a new story for yourself. Don't hold back.

Meaningful Mornings

A timeless skill

Combine mindful meditation and journaling. Learn how to slow the day down and create peaceful moments. Explore the small things that make you happy.

Start your practice

This 21-day challenge could not have come at a better time. It’s like the world is going to $h!t lately. Shifting from external to internal focus has never been more needed.

Shaely W.
The Possibility Program

Life is at your fingertips

With a plan, you can have the life you want—guilt free. We'll uncover new possibilities for where you can see your life heading. And the things you want it filled with.

Uncover your full potential

Nigel has taught me the importance of slowing down and listening to my body through daily self-care practices that suit my needs. Now, I understand how to balance my energy and prioritize my time. I highly recommend Nigel’s coaching to anyone seeking guidance in their personal or professional development.

Melissa B.
One-on-One coaching

Move forward with support

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of people who understood my struggles. If you’re unsure about what to do next, maybe you need help from a coach.

Explore coaching with me

One of my biggest aha moments was the realization that I don’t see myself working a typical 9-5 life. My dreams have grown since Week 1 and I don't feel overwhelmed by the thought of it. I'm really excited to move into this new phase of my life!

Crystal Tierney

More than
poses and meditation

Learn to integrate ancient wisdom, modern movement practices, breathwork, energetics, philosophy, and meditation into an experience that suits who you are.