Feeling Creatively Hollow

Feeling Creatively Hollow

Have you ever experienced burnout? I thought that because I knew people who had gone through it, and I’d read so many books about it, and was helping other people in my life avoid it that it couldn’t happen to me. Well, guess what? Here I am recovering from burnout myself.

And this realization hit me just only a month after filming this short video where I talk about feeling on the verge of burnout. But I don’t think I actually realized how close I was to tipping over into having to deal with it head on.

I spoke with my team and we came up with a plan for how to manage my business and Teach Your Truth while I took time away to recover and take care of myself. And it’s been helping. I delegated a lot of tasks, postponed some really cool ideas and things I had in the works, and outright scrapped other things I was doing. It had to be done. 

Chances are you’ve felt like this: like you’re spinning your wheels, feeling creatively hollow, and mostly unable to gain traction on anything because your energy is just not there. 

And as I’ve said before, the key is to really lean into it and do what is best for you. For me, that meant stepping back from a lot of things for a time. Not forever, but for now. 

I am feeling better, slowly but surely, as I come back to myself and what I need from my businesses.

Comment and let me know how you’re doing these days? I’d love to hear from you.

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    How are you feeling as we approach the summer months?

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